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Guest Post: A Tale of Two Winter Cities (London and Paris Events and Festivals)

Window Display at Galeries Lafayette

Somehow I thought staying here for the holidays would ease the tension of this time of year. I’m not not traveling during peak season. There’s no panic of last-minute Christmas shopping.

Window display at garden store Truffaut

But ease the tension? Yeah right!

I think it’s just the nature of December that elicits a certain measure of stress: days grow shorter and colder, the year is careening to its end. We’re checking our lists twice. What have we done with 2011? And are we ready for the New Year?

So yes, I’m staying put in Paris, but I feel busy just the same. That’s why I was relieved when I received an offer of a guest post this week. Yay – someone else will write the content! Gives me just a wee break.

I was also happy to see the subject pitched as Paris and London, two lively winter cities. It helps give me some perspective when all I think as I make my way through the streets is gray, rain, and cold: brrr!

Actually, it’s a beautiful time of year in both these cities, even if it is chilly. London also seems to keep popping up on my radar; I think a trip on the Eurostar may not be too far in my future.

For now, enjoy Leah’s guest post. I hope you’re staying sane as we wind up the year.

Enjoy time with family and friends!


"Londres" (London) window display in Paris

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Snow Shots (and Being Sneaky)

In front of my apartment

Where am I?

Still in Paris, but of late I wonder. What is this “Winter Wonderland”?

The park next door

(Slightly indecent) smiley snow car

Snow is predicted this whole week with temperatures to reach as low as -6 degrees. (Ok, that’s in Celsius to be dramatic, but still! 21 degrees Fahrenheit if you want the conversion).


I much prefer snow to rain – what we usually get around these parts – but please let me complain just a wee bit: it’s freezing!

I continue to be a hermit, hunkering down in my (poorly-insulated) apartment, but sometimes I do have to leave for basic staples.

Good thing the cold can’t kill my curiosity. On the way to the pharmacy I walked by this:

Maybe not the most beckoning of images, right?

But wait! What’s this? The door is open!

You know me by now, don’t you? What do you think I did?

You are correct. I went in, of course. You just never know…

And as I suspected: cuteness lay behind that battered door:

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