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The Good People of Paris

Paris 2012 Tweetup at O Chateau

One of the things I am most grateful for about my life in Paris is all the amazing people I’ve met. Common themes often arise when you ask expats how they ended up in the City of Light – love, work, happy accident.

But it takes a special measure of fortitude and creativity to pick up and move to another country. So it’s no surprise then to run into so many interesting folks. We may not be the “Lost Generation,” but I think there are deep things we have found.

What do I mean by that? Well, last night was the first “Tweetup” of 2012, held at O Chateau. (Jeez there are of a lot of us bloggers/Tweeters! There must have been 40 of us packing the friendly wine bar.) As I chatted my way through the crowd, this reality that so many people have remade their lives here kept coming to the fore.

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Paris Bloggers Unite

To think, this time last year paris (im)perfect was barely off the ground and I was not yet ensconced in the blogging community.

Right now I realize that my (very limited) social life would hover near nonexistent if not for blogger meet-ups.

A couple weeks ago, I attended the largest “Tweetup” I’d ever been to (yes, I kind of laughed at the term at first, too – a meetup for people on Twitter. Now it’s a normal part of my vocabulary!)

We took over the back part of a nice cafe in the 6th, our bubbly Anglophone enthusiasm turning the usually discreet cafe into something of a disco (ok, that’s an exaggeration. But you know, we were definitely, um, noticeable).

Paris Bloggers/Tweeters Take Over Another Resto

The more the group grows, the more I think about the power of numbers. When I first moved here, I was stunned at how many times I received withering looks because of my loud laugh. This may be the land of joie de vivre, but I felt my joy was definitely trying to be suppressed.

Come with a whole passel of people who also smile and laugh easily, though, and there’s safety in numbers (but, of course, the looks remain, but directed at everyone!)

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paris (im)perfect?

Sion Dayson is paris (im)perfect. Writer, dreamer, I moved to France on – no exaggerating – a romantic whim. As you can imagine, a lot can go wrong (and very right!) with such a (non)plan. These are the (im)perfect stories that result.

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