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A Wednesday Wander

Opinion poll: Does this look like fun – or your idea of a nightmare?

Inflatable fun? Boy in the bubble

If you can’t tell what’s going on, look a little closer. There’s a child inside that big bubble. Just rolling around.

Maybe it’s just me – motion-sick claustrophobe that I am – but the last thing I’d want as the sun beats down on me is to be trapped in a plastic bubble. (Not complaining about the sun, though; it’s been raining way too much here. Welcome, sunshine!)

Boxed water (better than boxed wine?)

Despite my reservations about this activity, the kids seemed to be having a ball (literally). I do love how there’s always something on at the Hotel de Ville. (Nearby there were also badminton courts.) As a symbol of the city of Paris, it’s great that there are so many free activities offered to the public. (I’ll be going to the free indie rock concerts on the weekends, me thinks).

I noticed a new public service, too: water fountains. Good idea! I sure hope they’re permanent and not just here for the tourists.

Which speaking of….Aie.

I momentarily reconsidered crossing the Pont D’Arcole bridge as I saw the hordes of people swarming in both directions. But I had a purpose! I was a resident with business on the other side!

The crowds increased as I came to Notre Dame.

This Paris Tuk-Tuk driver awaits willing tourists:

We have Tuk-tuks now?

My business was small: pick up a book I had ordered at the Abbey Bookshop.

There are lots of English-language bookstores clustered around this area, but I appreciate this little Canadian outpost. It’s obvious that it’s the owner’s baby. (Plus, Brian will offer you free coffee).

San Francisco Bookshop rivals the Abbey Bookshop for cheap used books, but I’ve never formed the personal connection there (but I certainly love finding good books for 3 euros!)

The Abbey Bookshop also organizes activities some of you might be interested in: randonees and a Cine Club. Can’t say I’ve tried either, but I always mean to. Both the hiking and the films sound good.

I fought the crowds back across the bridge and wondered just who would want to come to Paris at the height of tourist season.

But as I walked along Paris Plage (the “beach” along the Seine) and found a quiet place to read, I thought, well, we all have our different ideas of fun.

And just about any of them can be found in Paris if you look hard enough.

Reclined reading at Paris Plage

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