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Notre Dame, New Bells, Big Questions

Before leaving for the States last Christmas, I noticed some mysterious construction taking form in front of Notre Dame.

When I returned in the New Year, the scaffolding had transformed into steps and an illuminated walkway. The shape was complete, but an air of mystery remained.

New Notre Dame Walkway

I soon learned that the new buzz around Notre Dame denoted an anniversary. 2013 marks 850 years of the cathedral, in fact!

Excitement spread as nine new bells arrived, the largest, named Mary, coming in at six and a half tons (6000 kilograms). The new bronze beauties will chime for the first time next Sunday, March 23 for Palm Sunday.

I didn’t see the bells while they were on display, but I was struck by the large questions lining the side of the walkway as one ascends toward the cathedral.

Why was I created? (Notre Dame)

Why was I created?

What is my relationship to others? (Notre Dame)

What is my relationship with others?

Why am I unique?

Why am I unique?

It’s been exactly a month since I updated the blog. Big questions like these above have been filling my mind, you see. Purpose, meaning, art, work, money, place, love. The ground is shifting; I am in one of those times of reevaluation, re-envisioning.

Often it’s helpful for me to bounce ideas off of others, to share the questions, to speak aloud the journey.

Sometimes, though, silence and sitting with oneself in quiet reflection is what is truly called for. Honing in so you can hear just the one voice – your own.

And so, that is what I am doing, friends, why I am less vocal here. I am trying to figure things out.

So scary and uncomfortable, uncertainty, but also what rich terrain to explore!

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

That quote by Mary Oliver often guides me during times like these.

Let me know what you’re doing with your one wild and precious life, friends. I miss you, even if I appear in your inboxes less often.

Someone shared this video with me recently. Flares are everywhere. I see them. I feel hope.

Speak to me of the flares let loose in the sky.

Love and light,


Jingle Bells (and 100 Posts!)

Jingle bells. Today’s title is not a holdover from the holidays, nor some last desperate grasping to that “special time of year.”

No, it refers to a certain quirky detail I’ve noticed since my return to Paris. A small, but funny mystery.

My jetlagged haze might have kept me from registering this the first few days, but since late last week, I’ve been hearing an odd jingling of bells at random intervals throughout the day. The sound is audible in my apartment, though it’s not in my apartment. I have no idea the source.

These are not church bells. Nor are they like clanging cow bells (though they’re much closer to this!)

You know I don’t shy away from mysteries (and have been known to be sneaky), but I don’t even know what I’d go around doing to try to figure this one out. Listen behind neighbors’ doors? What good would that do? I already know what it sounds like! I want to see this thing.

I’m also lamenting my failure of imagination (and I call myself a fiction writer!) I cannot for the life of me imagine what these clattering bells might be.

The best explanation I can come up with is that they’re somehow attached to a toilet and they ring every time there’s a flush. The frequency of the bells, their duration, and the fact that I hear them most clearly in my own bathroom have led me to this conclusion.

Shake em...

I can’t quite fathom the contraption, though. What would clang this way? What exactly does a flushing toilet need bells for? Is this some water-saving device? Does it simply spread joy in the loo?

Another theory is that it’s somehow tied to the elevator. Some squeaky machinery that for some reason, sounds like bells to me.

I’m letting go of the questioning for now, though. Kind of a goal for this new year: accept the random, quirky joys, these little mysteries of life. Nothing wrong with jingling bells each time someone’s on the john, right? Or an extra lift in the elevator. (What will they think of next?)

Any theories? A bit afraid to ask as I’m sure there’s a simple, obvious answer and I’ll be embarrassed by my silliness. Then again, I am silly.

Any random, wonderful little mysteries in your life these days?

Oh yes! And this is post #100! Another joyful thing to me, too. Thanks to Keith for doing a nice little write-up for my blogiversary. I wonder what I can celebrate next.

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