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Happy 100th Birthday, Robert Doisneau!

Like a lot of wistful, dreamy girls, I used to have Robert Doisneau’s “Kiss by the Hotel de Ville” hanging over my bed.

While it’s perhaps the photographer’s most famous picture, I’m glad I eventually dug deeper into his work and discovered the wealth of moments he captured.

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary has always been one of my fascinations – and I think it was one of his, too.

“I like people for their weaknesses and faults. I get on well with ordinary people,” he once said.

Here’s a lovely montage of some of his amazing photos. I love the song, too – and was surprised it was sung by Carla Bruni! (Sarkosy’s wife).

Happy 100th birthday, Robert Doisneau. You made life look so beautiful (it is!)


Dansons La Capucine (Or Cutest Cat Video Ever)

Greetings from New York!

Just a quick hello to say I’m having such a blast in NYC – book launches, power lunches, cookouts, cupcakes. Threw in a freelance assignment for good measure, too.

It just feels great to be here. And so the never-ending tug of sympathies continues – Paris, New York, Paris, New York.

Of course, I feel blessed to have both. On Monday I met up with someone who truly gets it. Amy Thomas (of “Paris, My Sweet” and God, I Love Paris) shares the Paris/New York love affair and it was great to see her in the Big City. We’ve always spent time together in Paree – this was our first New York date!

Tonight I’ll be going to hear her read at Posman Books in Chelsea Market along with Jeryl Brunner, author of “My City, My New York: Famous New Yorkers Share Their Favorite Places.” Doesn’t that sound like the perfect double bill? If you’re in New York, come on out! (Click here for details).

In the meantime, I leave you with this French video. For the past week I’ve been sharing a lovely Brooklyn apartment with a ginger-colored cat named Bernard. Here’s proof of a truth I’m happy to accept: the cute cat video is a worldwide phenomenon. Global understanding through adorable animal videos! Let’s do it!

Hope you’re well.

Weird News of the Week: Mimes and Paris Nightlife

At the behest of the Paris mayor’s office, squads of mimes will now be deployed in an effort to reduce the city’s nighttime noise pollution.

Um, come again?

Yes, “Pierrots de la Nuit” use street performance to encourage partiers to keep it down. Paris launched the project this past weekend.

Hmm. Here my love of quirkiness is in conflict with my discomfort/fear of clowns and mimes. I also wonder if having a mime trying to shh people might actually risk more rowdiness. I mean, it might be difficult to ignore the mime even though he or she is silent (ah, that’s power!), but might it not tap into some sort of rebellion, too?

It’s all done in good humor, of course. I’ll be interested to see how it plays out.

The following video is in French, but provides a few key visuals.

On that note, I’m off to the City that Never Sleeps for most of April. I might encounter mimes there (because you can encounter any and every thing in New York – one of the reasons I love it!), but I somehow feel safer in the knowledge that mimes aren’t yet an organized noise-reducing tactic in NYC.

Have a joyous month. If you don’t hear from me for awhile, know that it’s because I’m out exploring and enjoying my trip. (Or maybe a mime has stolen my voice!)

To read more about the “Pierrots de la Nuit” initiative, here’s the article from ARTINFO. There’s also a dedicated blog and Facebook page.

What do you think? Night mimes: good idea or childhood nightmare come true?

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