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Paris Short Story Contest

More good writing news!

I just found out today that my story was shortlisted in the Paris Short Story Contest! (And this time the story’s more than 30 words! It’s 5,000 to be exact!)

Wish me luck in the next round.

Happy weekend!

Have good news? Feel free to share in the comments! Always enough love to go around and I’d love to celebrate with you!


Author Interview: Cara Black

While based in San Francisco, mystery author Cara Black probably knows a lot more about certain aspects of Paris than most of us living here.

Her national bestselling series featuring a half-French/half-American female detective has seen Black visiting Paris’ sewers and morgue, talking to private eyes and river police, and constantly contemplating juicy new crimes for her “Aimée Leduc investigations.”

Since her first novel, 1999’s Murder in the Marais, Black has published a new book nearly every year, setting each one in a different Paris arrondissement.

On the occasion of the eleventh book, Murder in Passy, coming out next week
(March 1), Black took time to answer some questions about her popular series.
Lucky for her fans, she still has nine arrondissements to go!

Paris is one of the most romanticized cities in the world; the beautiful City of Light. In your novels, however, it is the darker side of Paris that plays a starring role. Can you talk about why you chose Paris as the setting for your crime series? (And why the city keeps inspiring murder!)

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30 Words (Or Celebrate the Small Things in Life)

[30 / 30]

Hi friends,

I was slightly embarrassed at first to share this bit of small news because it seemed so, well, small, but then I remembered: it’s the little things in life that make it grand!

My story “Dear John” was recently selected as a winner in Smokelong Quarterly‘s 30-word story contest.

For anyone counting, that amounts to just 3 sentences in my case.

The best number to me, however, is that only 5 stories made the cut from over 1400 entries. So it feels kind of like being the shy girl in school you think no one notices – but then having the star quarterback ask you to prom. (Ok, that totally never happened to me and doesn’t even work as an analogy. Also, I lusted after the skater boys and genius slackers, more than jocks).

It was fun to take a little break from the monster work of a novel and write something of this size. I find sometimes I’m more creative when given strict constraints. And affirmations keep the fire going: Yes, you *might* just get picked out of a crowd. Chances are slim, but it happens!

Enjoy the bite-sized fiction here. And remember to celebrate the small things!


Paris Loves You

"I love you, small baby of my heart"

Happy Love Day, lovely readers!

Reporting from the “capital of romance” I am expected to do my part, non?

Fortunately, Paris blogger extraordinaire Adam Roberts did my work for me and has compiled a list of the city’s most romantic places according to several Paris bloggers – including moi!

To read my pick, as well as several other fun, festive, sexy, and surprising hot spots, check out the Paris Weekends post. They’re not all where you’d think.

In the meantime, here’s a little visual love for Valentine’s Day.


Unchain my Heart

O| ♥ O\

a beautiful dream

Paris, City of Love

blue or red??... :-))

Un Tel Travail

Inspired by all this talk of New Wave cinema, I attempt a photo that looks like a film still

Sometimes I have to pinch myself I feel so lucky. Specifically, I am blown away by the talents, gifts, and brilliance of my friends. How the heck did I end up with such amazing people in my life? I am blessed.

My friend Ericka has been my partner in crime for the past several months. Both of us spent the better part of summer and fall locked away, each with our own writing project underway. We’d check in with each other, making sure the other wasn’t going stir-crazy and insisting on tea and cupcakes if they were.

Today, I witnessed the fruit of Ericka’s work: she defended her 577-page (!) dissertation on “L’Amour, La Femme, et La Nouvelle Vague” before a jury who are experts on the subject. She was officially conferred the title of “doctor” 3 hours later.


Did I mention Ericka’s a native Texan and wrote her dissertation in French? Did you notice that page count? Could I defend anything in another language, much less before people who consider it their special domaine? I had to smile when her advisor talked of love as a “French specialty.”

Well, I don’t know about that, but the French do know how to intimidate.

"Thesis Room" - Take a seat

Notice that one chair behind the big table, facing the jury? There sat brave Ericka, with 10 of us watching the proceedings. I have no idea how it works in the States, but I didn’t know a defense could be public in this way.

I am grateful to have been allowed to witness it. I had tears in my eyes when the jury conferred the title on her. And it motivated me to continue my work. (Yeah, one of us was much more productive as she locked herself away).

Well, I have just finished the first draft of a 45-minute lecture I will have to deliver for my graduating residency. The critical thesis is already done. Hopefully soon I will get back to the novel.

The desire to accomplish something – to finish! – was definitely heightened in me today. But more than anything, I feel grateful to have such awesome people in my life. (Did I mention this is the same friend who’s also a singer-songerwriter and purveyor of honky tonk in Paris?)

Bravo, Ericka! Kick-ass in every way.

The newly crowned doctor with well-deserved bottle of champagne

Paris Bloggers Unite

To think, this time last year paris (im)perfect was barely off the ground and I was not yet ensconced in the blogging community.

Right now I realize that my (very limited) social life would hover near nonexistent if not for blogger meet-ups.

A couple weeks ago, I attended the largest “Tweetup” I’d ever been to (yes, I kind of laughed at the term at first, too – a meetup for people on Twitter. Now it’s a normal part of my vocabulary!)

We took over the back part of a nice cafe in the 6th, our bubbly Anglophone enthusiasm turning the usually discreet cafe into something of a disco (ok, that’s an exaggeration. But you know, we were definitely, um, noticeable).

Paris Bloggers/Tweeters Take Over Another Resto

The more the group grows, the more I think about the power of numbers. When I first moved here, I was stunned at how many times I received withering looks because of my loud laugh. This may be the land of joie de vivre, but I felt my joy was definitely trying to be suppressed.

Come with a whole passel of people who also smile and laugh easily, though, and there’s safety in numbers (but, of course, the looks remain, but directed at everyone!)

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paris (im)perfect?

Sion Dayson is paris (im)perfect. Writer, dreamer, I moved to France on – no exaggerating – a romantic whim. As you can imagine, a lot can go wrong (and very right!) with such a (non)plan. These are the (im)perfect stories that result.

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